Annabel - Kathleen Winter This was the first novel I have read centred around an intersex person (outside of fantasy fiction, of course). I'm glad it was such a good one. I got a very strong sense of Annabel/Wayne as a person, and sympathized with her struggles rather than being distanced by them. I was also grateful that the people around Annabel were depicted not as monsters but as real, well-meaning people shaped by their own upbringing and environment. Treadway, Annabel's father, is the most extreme example of this, and I think his unsentimental acceptance of his son's eventual decision to let his body feminize (unsentimental, but born of love and anger against those who victimize Wayne/Annabel) is the most moving part of the story. There is also a friend-who-is-a-girl, Wally, who has her own parallel search for self, but I found her part of the story less compelling, mostly because she disappears from the narrative for a long time.

I will definitely be watching for more novels by Kathleen Winter.