The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Life on Little House

The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Life on Little House - Melissa Anderson I read this in tandem with Alison Arngrim's (Nellie's) autobiography, but to tell truth, there was less to compare and contrast than I had expected, because Anderson is so reserved that she represses most of her personal commentary in favour of recaps of the episodes of "Little House" in which she had a prominent role. Given that it was issued shortly after Melissa Gilbert and Arngrim published their memoirs, this had to be either (a) an attempt to refute the unflattering picture of Anderson from those memoirs or (b) an attempt to cash in on the Little House memoir trend. (A) was not attempted - Anderson apparently subscribes to not saying anything at all (or nearly) if you can't say anything nice - so it must be (b). And lord knows I've read enough cash-in-on-the-trend celebrity biographies, and they provide a certain amount of amusement so I don't hold that against her. Since she was older than the other two, she seems to have been more in Michael Landon's social circle, and has more to say about him, and about his on-set tussles with co-star Karen Grassle; this proved the most interesting part of this rather slight effort.

I'm in hopes that Anderson's reserve is in fact nothing more than shyness; I would hate to think that the lack of personal detail might be due to some private horror of the kind all too common amongst child stars.