The Mercedes Coffin (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #17)

The Mercedes Coffin (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #17)  - Faye Kellerman A pretty decent subway read. I enjoyed the unfolding of the mystery, and I like the Decker/Lazarus couple, though as some people have mentioned, Rina Lazarus doesn't have much to do in this one. But then, I've often found that detective novels featuring couples have the besetting sin of crazy coincidences simply as a device to bring both members of the couple into the mystery, so if this one turned out to be a Peter Decker mystery, so be it. It has a marvellously tense climax just made for the closing minutes of a movie or a TV drama (one always wonders if authors have possible movie rights in mind when they go hyper-dramatic at the end; it would be unrealistic to believe otherwise, probably).

Anyway, this one touched on drug dealing, the hip-hop culture, music production (shady business that it is), and, of course, the massive (non)-coincidence of two deaths, fifteen years apart, where the victims ended up in the trunk of a Mercedes. I could have lived without the presence of the family appendages, but I suppose their continued presence is part of the author's contract with her series readers, who want to see a bit of them in each book.