Iron Lake

Iron Lake - William Kent Krueger So, like many people I suspect, I came in on the Cork O'Connor series half-way through, and am now going back to the beginning. I found this a well-told tale, for a first novel, and I certainly retain a couple of grisly images, most notably that of Cork's mistress frozen naked to the ice. Brrrr! I was, I admit, a bit disturbed by the apparent implausibility of O'Connor being allowed to run around acting as though he's still a lawman, invading everybody else's private property at whim. Of course, the series isn't set in Canada (appropriate wry emoticon here). It was fun to see the principal themes of the series being established. I'd recommend this to people who are, like me, in for the long haul with Krueger, but I do agree with people who say the series improves as it goes along.