Slaves of Obsession

Slaves of Obsession - Anne Perry It seems that William and Hester Monk (or perhaps their author) were getting a little tired of London, for both this novel and the next, Funeral in Blue, involve departures into other parts of the world. Fine with me! In this case, we (and William) get to see Hester's battle-nursing skills in action in the American Civil War, where they venture right on to the battlefield seeking out an anti-slavery fanatic on the Union side and the young woman with whom he has run away. (Perry plays an interesting game here by giving the fanatic - and obvious suspect in the London murders - ideals the modern reader cannot easily reject. However, it makes the resolution of the plot slightly easier to predict).

There's the usual court scene with last minute information brought forward (I'm getting slightly tired of this trope in Perry's books, to tell the truth). However, I enjoyed the change of scenery, and this was a decent page-turner.