The Fox's Prophecy

The Fox's Prophecy - D.W. Nash, R.W.F. Poole I read this in a 1976 J.A. Allen reprint which was far less helpful as to attribution and context than the brief blurb in this database. For the poem itself, it expresses very conservative sentiments, harking back to the virtues of feudalism and patriotism. The ancient fox with the scary eyes (they "shone with an unearthly fire") expresses to the hunter its conviction that fox-hunting will die out, but far from being pleased with the notion, appears to think that being chased around the countryside is preferable to running the risks of being poisoned or bludgeoned. The versification is correct enough, but the author strains at the rhymes, sometimes dropping back and forth from past to present tense to enable them.

The fox is not entirely accurate with its prophecy - at least, not to date - since it predicts the invasion and conquest of Britain by foreigners, followed by a revolt and return to the old values.