Facing the Music: the autobiography

Facing the Music: the autobiography - Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, John Man Torvill & Dean, ten years later, and though the first five chapters recap their amateur career, the really interesting part of this book is about their "grown-up" days - touring with their own tours, with Tarasova's Russian All-Stars, with Ice Capades. There is also the story of Dean's failed marriage to Isabelle Duchesnay, and Jayne's more successful marriage to a non-skater. Finally, of course, there's the Pyrrhic victory of the 1994 Olympics at Lillehammer, where they certainly revived their public appeal, though they did not get the gold medal they wanted. A lot of the story is told in the first person plural ("we", "us"), which is a little odd at first, but you soon get used to it. When it comes to strictly personal matters like the marriages, the text is headed with the name of the speaker ("Chris" or "Jayne").