Karen;: The Karen Magnussen story

Karen;: The Karen Magnussen story - Karen Magnussen Magnussen is credited as an author on this paperback, but it is entirely in the third person, though I am sure it incorporates much of Magnussen's point of view. However, she is thus distanced from the author's vehement cries for the reform of the judging system, especially around the events at the 1973 World Championships, where it was clear to all informed observers that the push was on to crown Janet Lynn. The author points out that required deductions were not taken by most of the judges for Lynn's disastrous short program, and he casts severe doubts on the results of the compulsory figures as well. An old argument, but a good one. Meanwhile, some good photos, including the famous one of Karen showing a fair bit of cleavage while doing stress tests on an exercise bike (apparently this one made a lot of daily newspapers). And Karen makes it quite clear that though they were friendly enough, she and Lynn were definitely competitive, and even did a little upstaging at the Worlds gala.