Annie and Jack in London

Annie and Jack in London - Anonymous I picked this up and read it in York University Library (Toronto). It is a colour photocopy facsimile reprint of what is probably a fairly rare original, nice presented in Morris-esque cloth over boards. It consists of a plain title page (Routledge Coloured Picture Book, n.d. but asserted to be from the 1870s), plus 8 leaves, each with a single colour illustration for 6-10 lines of verse of questionable rhyme and rigorous scansion - pretty much doggerel. Aside from the first and last pages, which introduce and end the journey (by train), the pages advertise the following sights of interest in the Metropolis: Mme Tussaud's; the Zoological Gardens; Sydenham Palace; skating in Kensington Gardens; a pantomime (no particular one mentioned, although a harlequin is both mentioned and depicted); shopping in bazaars. Points of interest: only the father and the boy-child attempt to skate, and Sydenham Palace (more commonly known as the Crystal Palace) is lovingly drawn with a huge fountain at the front and the famous curved glass roof. Just a trifle, but it provided some passing interest.