My Sergei: A Love Story

My Sergei: A Love Story - Ekaterina Gordeeva, E.M. Swift One of the most widely distributed and read skaters' biographies, this is, for a retiring young woman, remarkably frank. Nonetheless, perhaps one of the most interesting aspects is her discussion of her odd and it seems rather troubled friendship with choreographer Marina Zoueva. One gets the sense that here, at least, the whole story has not been told. Interesting, too, to see a relatively unsanitized and foreigner's view of the Stars on Ice "family." Her observations on the "New Russia" were also well worth reading. Most of all, though, as of course she intended, one gets a much better understanding of the big gentle silent (in English) Russian bear who was her husband.

I read this first in the hardback edition; new material in the paperback edition is limited to a 6-page epilogue.