White Gold Wielder

White Gold Wielder - Stephen R. Donaldson [These notes were made in 1984:]. Bk. 3 of the Second Chronicles. As Linden Avery grows in capability and authority, Covenant declines, and it eventually becomes clear to him that he will have to give up his ring - as it also becomes clear that the circumstances which propelled him into the Land this time are going to result in his death. So, in the end, Covenant gives up his life, Linden with her "health-sense" defeats the Sunbane and restores health to the Land, and the enigmatic Vain turns miraculously into a new Staff of Law. With Covenant now dead in both worlds (even tho' he returned as a ghost in the Land), I don't see how Donaldson could possibly have a third series - although no doubt he'll manage. Although this one ended cathartically, the second series were persistently and disturbingly downbeat.