Vulcan! - Kathleen Sky [These notes were made in 1984:]. It hardly need be said that this is a ST novel. Not a bad one, either, although I wouldn't go as far as the cover blurb: "mind-dazzling", indeed! What it has is an outer problem and an inner problem. The first is a shift in boundary lines between Romulan & Federation space, which makes it necessary to contact the arachnid inhabitants of a border planet to find out if they're intelligent and want to choose. (They're not). The "guest star" of this story, Katalya Tremain, is the one with the inner problem - she hates Vulcans. Not ordinary racism, tho', since it's confined to Vulcans and bursts out in odd ways. She and Spock end up alone and isolated (inevitably) on the planet surface, she has him meld with her (a) to save his life and incidentally (b) to discover that she used to be in love with a Vulcan, who commanded the ship her parents & husband died on. Mercifully for us, she doesn't transfer it to Spock (poor old Christine Chapel gets raked over the coals in this one), but looks like falling for McCoy instead. Spock occasionally gets alarmingly relaxed and human, but on the whole, the characterization is down-the-middle. As I said, not bad.