Two to Conquer

Two to Conquer - Marion Zimmer Bradley [These notes were made in 1984:]. This is a novel about rape, with a secondary interest in the doppelganger. It's set in early days before the unification (or rather during the beginning of unification) of Darkover. Bard (the Wolf) is an illegitimate warrior son of a king. He gets involved with several women, raping two of them, being obsessed with a couple of them. His Terran double is no better - a condemned criminal - but Paul (that's his name) learns a little consideration for women, while Bard has to be shocked into it through a mind-link with Carlina, whom he has just raped. Yet somehow Bradley manages to haul a happy ending out of it all. I find Bard's sudden repentance a bit on the wishful thinking side, but otherwise it's a competent piece of storytelling.