Triangle - Sondra Marshak, Myrna Culbreath [These notes were made in 1983:]. The situation is slightly different from Prometheus, but this novel is astonishingly similar to the other in overall form and attack. Once again we have a superior power manipulating the very minds of the major characters; once again, the solution lies in the euphemistic "rapport" - specifically Kirk and Spock this time, with a suitable female brought in to create the tension. I have isolated the cause of my uneasiness with both these efforts: these authors are very stuck on concepts - they deal with emotion in the abstract, and sometimes - often! - abstract it right out of any relation to real feeling. It is a complaint I have had occasion to make of much science fiction - it simply does not recognize the fact that however fascinating speculative new patterns may be, it is only the old, proven, real patterns of human behaviour which will bring response from a human readership. Nonetheless, she said, backtracking as usual when the criticism seemed to be getting top-heavy - nonetheless, I swallowed it whole, savouring it greatly for its primitive virtues: familiarity, imagination, and story-telling.