Trek To Madworld

Trek To Madworld - Stephen Goldin [These notes were made in 1982:]. This Star Trek novel is mainstream - so mainstream it could have been an episode in the series. In fact, I wonder if that's how it started out. I have no objections - the young man is clearly knowledgeable about the series, makes no errors of background information, and does not mischaracterize anyone. And that, I suppose, is why the book got published. But, just as the first ST movie was a rehash of an old episode, so this novel, too, bears a striking resemblance to one of the "79 jewels". And its form is as old as the story of the sphinx: a riddle must be solved to gain the prize (which is not to say it isn't a good form - obviously it's proved itself by sticking around!) Still, I found it a little ho-hum - good enough to be gulped down in one morning.