Thumbs Up!: The Elizabeth Manley Story

Thumbs Up!: The Elizabeth Manley Story - Elizabeth Manley, Elva Oglanby [These notes were made in 1990:]. "As told to" Elva Clairmont Oglanby. In a recent interview, Liz said with a giggle, "I hope people don't think it's too gaga." No, Liz, it's not gaga - Elva Oglanby is enough of a writer for that. But it's a bit thin on substance - a rather bald re-telling of the career, without much insight into the workings of self, or any attempt to analyze the ins and outs, goods & bads of competitive skating per se. It reveals, all too clearly, perhaps, exactly what Manley's life has been about: a chronicle of competitions and boyfriends. There is the occasional interesting anecdote: Liz was the flower-girl who gave Robin Cousins his bouquet at the 1978 World's in Ottawa. And she has a couple of revelations to make about her relationship with Alexander Fadeev - after he was married - that I'm sure he won't appreciate. Brian Orser makes a brief appearance as a caring friend, but Liz has little to say about his skating. She also has little to say about her competitors, Witt and Thomas, though she does complain rather vehemently about the judges' tendency to give Witt all the benefits of the doubt. Not a goldmine of information, this, but it does add another facet, another piece of the puzzle.