Swing, Brother, Swing

Swing, Brother, Swing - Ngaio Marsh [These notes were made in 1985:]. A sleazy accordion-player in a fashionable swing band is shot at (as part of the act) by the guest drummer, an eccentric peer, whose daughter the accordion-player - Carlos - is courting. The accordion-player dies of a steel dart (part of an umbrella) through the heart. Later complications include the disclosure that Carlos was drug-running, and his manager/conductor, Breezy Bellairs, was one of his clients; that a newspaper agony columnist to whom they have all been writing is actually Mr. Edward Manx, a family friend, and one involved in various romantic complications with the daughter (Felicité) and her cousin Carlisle. The murderer? The drug-dependent Bellairs, who has set up a complicated plot to incriminate the highly eccentric Lord Pastern, who has not helped matters by being extremely uncooperative when our old friends Alleyn and Fox try to sort things out.