The Starless World

The Starless World - Gordon Eklund [These notes were made in 1989:]. The Enterprise investigates a peculiar planet-sphere which entirely surrounds its sun. The inhabitants are few, and there is a mysterious race of "strangers" who make their appearance only when the artificial satellites of the sun create a local "night." There is much talk of a god called Ay-nab, but it is only towards the end that Kirk and his crew realize that it is the sun who is the god - Eklund tries to leave the theological question open (is it a god or a superior being) but fails to realize that in ST terminology they are the same thing. The conclusion is as usual heavy on moral idealism - Ay-Nab spares the Enterprise, the intruding Klingon ship, and the one inhabitant who has fallen for JTK - because the affection, love and positiveness of Kirk and his girlfriend persuade him [Him?:] out of his negative view of human life-forms. (Temporarily - AyNab then proceeds to take the whole planet-sun into a black hole). Not badly written, but nothing very special here.