Star Trek I: The Motion Picture

Star Trek I: The Motion Picture - Gene Roddenberry, Alan Dean Foster, Harold Livingston [These notes were made in 1982:]. I remember having been greatly perplexed by Star Trek I, and hoping that this novelization would clear things up - fill in the gaps, as it were. After all, it is by the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself. And in some ways it does - not so much that it gives insight into the way the plot hangs together as that it confirms hunches I remember having during the movie. The whole vital sequence of what Spock actually saw within the alien being, unaccountably cut as it was in the film, is here, and the reason for Spock's "transformation" - which turns out not to be as serious as I took it from the film - is finally made clear. Further than that, though, the metaphysics are just as fuzzy, and there is surprisingly little background on what they'd all been doing In Between. What I find rather interesting is Roddenberry's reaction, occasionally betrayed in "editorial" footnotes, to what 'fandom' had made of his creation. He firmly debunks the whole K/S thing, for instance.