Sketches, Scholars And Scandals Of A Quiet College Town

Sketches, Scholars And Scandals Of A Quiet College Town - Arthur Llewellyn Davies [These notes were made in 1982:]. An amusing, and at least semi-autobiographical set of sketches of Kingston (thinly disguised as "Royalton"), with special reference to Queen's ("Crown") University. The time is roughly 1929-1939, and the young narrator grows from boyhood, through University, the establishment of a medical practice, marriage, child, and separation, and finally the army. The style, though well-educated and lucid, is curiously flat and unvaried. It is, in fact, journalist's prose, and Davies, it turns out, is a newspaperman. He does, however, succeed in giving the impression that the book is totally autobiographical - it has that curiously abrupt and unrounded quality of real life experience - so those areas where he was obviously not working from first-hand knowledge (Med School, f'r'instance) show a certain skill in fiction not to be despised. I must say I found it very interesting and often amusing; he has a feel for a good anecdote.