My Enemy, My Ally

My Enemy, My Ally - Diane Duane Despite the Harlequinesque title, this is quite a good effort, with a nice balance of action and reflection, and the same unpretentious grasp of the characters as Ms Duane exhibited in The Wounded Sky. In this one, a Romulan commander, an oldish woman, decides that in all honour she cannot support the Romulan Empire's mind-experiments on kidnapped Vulcans, and she enlists Kirk and the Enterprise to put a stop to the horror. The trouble is, of course, one of trust: in order to penetrate into the Romulan Empire, Kirk must allow the Enterprise to seem to have been captured, with Romulans on the bridge in command. There is humour, too, with a young and eager Horta who gives himself indigestion eating through a solid door at a crucial moment. I enjoyed this one very much.