Joshua Then and Now

Joshua Then and Now - Mordecai Richler [These notes were made in 1983:]. Richler gives us a jigsaw-puzzle - bits of a man's life out of time-sequence, but identifiable because of certain themes or circumstances, all eventually accumulating into the answer for the problem posed by the beginning (which is, of course, the end of the story): who and what is this man, apparently homosexual (but only apparently), apparently a recluse, apparently guarded by some very strange characters indeed. One of the answers is that he's a writer, and in a memorable little passage, Richler takes a poke at academic libraries (Richler's papers are at U of Calgary; "Rocky Mountain U"!). There's a certain manic invention, especially in his characters, and the book reads quickly, easily and enjoyably - enough meat to chew on without breaking your jaw!