How Are the Mighty Fallen

How Are the Mighty Fallen - Thomas Burnett Swann [These notes were made in 1985:]. A retelling of the David and Jonathan story with three distinguishing features: (1) it includes original poetry and excerpts from the biblical poetry as commentary on the action; (2) it postulates a homosexual relationship between David and Jonathan; (3) it shifts the story out of the purely Hebrew context of the Bible, suggesting that Jonathan actually belongs to an entirely different race and different set of gods, not belonging to Saul at all. It is in the creation of this alternate, bee-like race (Jonathan's mother is a queen-bee), and their enemies the Cyclops - one of whom turns out to be Goliath - that the novelist's imagination is most fully engaged. The whole is quite short, and the depiction of various emotions rather fleshless. But a curiosity, nonetheless.