The Golden Rendezvous

The Golden Rendezvous - Alistair MacLean [These notes were made in 1984:]. A MacLean I thought I'd read, but I had no recollection of it. I must admit that I found the non-stop slaughter a little more difficult to take than I remember from my teen-age perusals of this author. In this one, our strong, silent first-person narrator is first officer of a cargo boat-cum-luxury liner which is hijacked by representatives of a small third-world government for the purpose of stealing $150 million in gold. A small nuclear weapon and a kidnapped scientist are involved, as well as the inevitable beautiful but infuriating girl, and they are detonated, rescued, and fallen in love with respectively. MacLean has a trick of creating atmosphere and realizing the physicality of his settings which redeems the otherwise inexpressibly disgusting premises of his stories. I'd like to see him try to write one from a woman's point of view!