A Fire of Driftwood

A Fire of Driftwood - D.K. Broster [These notes were made in 1983. I read the Heinemann, 1932 edition:]. Not a novel, but a collection of short stories. Brosters are too hard to come by for me to give this anything but my most welcoming expectations. And tho' it was very different from her novels, I was not disappointed. I was, however, surprised -- both at the range of tone and subject in the stories (the predictable French Revolution ones were balanced by English tourists in Italy and a modern fencing-studio) and at the curiously unromantic and unsentimental attitude revealed in just about every story. There is much more violence, much more sordidness, and considerably less honour in the characters who people these stories than in the novels. In some, she actually seems to be poking fun at herself! A fascinating little collection, and a healthy complement to my much-adored Cameron series.