The Fate Of The Phoenix

The Fate Of The Phoenix - Sondra Marshak, Myrna Culbreath [These notes were made in 1983:]. I think I more or less expended my comments on The Price of the Phoenix. This is more of the same. The setting has changed from the labyrinths of an underground settlement to the labyrinths of an "anomaly" in space, but the labyrinths of emotion are identical. The "alpha male" (i.e. dominating) villain makes his second resurrection; James, the duplicate Kirk, leads a new life in the unaccustomed position of subordinate to a woman; Kirk, Spock, and McCoy miraculously and barely survive all obstacles, and, in concert with Omne, their former enemy, manage to defeat Omne/Spock, a curious amalgamation of good qualities with evil will. Even at its own game of emotional titillation, I thought this one less successful than its predecessor, but that may simply be because I wasn't chiming in as well with the preoccupations of the writers (this time, the subjugation of the commanding male -James - to the commanding female Romulan). But you'll notice I gobbled it down just as fast as the last one.