The Fall of Atlantis

The Fall of Atlantis - Marion Zimmer Bradley [These notes were made in 1989:]. The title's a bit of a cheat - this book has little or nothing to do with the fall of Atlantis. It's a combination (a little streamlined, I assume) of two previous books, Web of Light and Web of Darkness. Men are not yet banished from this tale as they are later from some of Zimmer Bradley's more radical feminist stuff. But there is a very female viewpoint - much of the plot is to do with love vs. manipulative sex, and with childbearing and childrearing. There are two sisters - Domaris, involved in the Web of Light, who has the "good" relationship with the blind seer Micon; and Deoris, whose destructive relationship with the evil sorcerer Riveda is an important part of the Web of Darkness. The philosophical underpinning of the whole thing is relatively simple - it's "karma" (the consequences of human actions). In best romance fashion, the younger generation work out to some extent the problems of their elders. A fast read but an enjoyable one. I especially enjoyed the opening section with Micon who was a truly impressive and attractive figure.