Faces of Fire

Faces of Fire - Michael Jan Friedman [These notes were made in 1992:]. In what is becoming a very recognizable formula, the intrepid crew of the Enterprise are split off into two separate sections, each of which has its own world-shattering problem, and the solutions of which are interlinked in some way. In this case, it is Spock who ends up by himself on a research colony where Carol Marcus is working on the early stages of the Genesis project. David is a small boy at this point, and Kirk is completely unaware of his existence - but he learns of it before the end of the novel. I thought the scenes with Kirk & Marcus were very well handled, and in keeping with what was set up in the films. Meanwhile, as Spock & David combine to save the Genesis device from an attack of Klingons, Kirk & Scotty are off solving a small planet's religious wars. They eventually keep the sacred beasts from wandering onto the sacred ground by using the scent of Klingon fireblossom. There's also a subplot of factions & scheming within the Klingon Empire. Not bad.