Enter a Murderer

Enter a Murderer - Ngaio Marsh [These notes were made in 1985:]. An early one, and a theatre one; so Alleyn is still allowed to be a bit of a devil with the ladies, and one of the ladies, being an actress, is allowed to be devil enough to respond. The plot involves a murder onstage, and the solution is, enfin, the obvious one: the man who pulled the trigger, Felix Gardener, is the man who intended and committed the murder. (Marsh has, I think, a fondness for this particular kind of elegant solution). Gardener compounds his murder by killing the Props man and suspending him rather gruesomely above the stage. Nigel Bathgate is still playing Watson, for this is before Marsh discovered - I think - that he was a bit of an excrescence, and what is more, a factor just the tiniest bit compromising to the upright Alleyn, who has to keep giving him exclusives. Marsh must have liked this one, for it seems to me she referred back to it in at least one of her other 'theatre' outings.