Dorothy L. Sayers: A Literary Biography

Dorothy L. Sayers: A Literary Biography - Ralph E. Hone [These notes were made in 1983:] A much better biography than Hitchman's, and by that I don't mean necessarily more sympathetic to Sayers, tho' I think on the whole it is, but rather more responsible in its use of material, and in the breadth of the sources. Hone apparently had the co-operation of the Sayers relatives, which Hitchman had not. There are extensive quotations from letters and articles, and a serious attempt to consider her thought as a developing but consistent body. Her novels are not slighted, but are relegated to their proper place as an early and important phase. I am relatively pleased with his analysis of the novels, except for Busman's Honeymoon, which gets unexpectedly short shrift. The "religious" and "scholarly" periods are treated with care and a wealth of fascinating detail, couched in fairly transparent, solid academic prose.