Dariel, a Romance of Surrey

Dariel, a Romance of Surrey - R.D. Blackmore [These notes were made in 1983. I read this in an 1896 edition:]. Written in the first person, this is a book in which a curiously limited Englishman passes from his realistic home to a world of out-and-out fantasy: caves and mountain tribes of warlike robbers, emerald mines, and switched-name intrigues. The link is the young lady in the title role, who turns out to be a Princess; nonetheless, she marries our conservative Englishman (who has distinct views on Free Trade). It's an entertaining read, tho' whether it properly hangs together as a novel, I'm not entirely sure. Certainly there's a rather unfortunate clash between the "realistic" characters - the narrator, his sister Grace, and her stockbroker suitor - and the type figures - the noble foreign prince Sur Imar, his beautiful daughter Dariel, and their evil relations.