Corona - Greg Bear [These notes were made in 1984. Read the NY: Pocket Books, 1984 ed.] A proto-intelligence - a being that has existed from the beginning of time - possesses a group of Vulcans on a research station, and uses their material and technical skills to prepare for another Big Bang. Meanwhile a somewhat xenophobic female reporter named Mason goes unexpectedly on a mission with an Enterprise crew already greatly disturbed by the imposition of computer monitoring devices which can overrule medical and command decisions (falling into the old Roddenberry pattern here). As usual, our resourceful trio overcome the inner and outer obstacles, the proto-intelligence (Corona) is persuaded to cancel its disastrous experiment, and Mason, at a moment of crisis, learns she's not as xenophobic as she thinks, and allows Spock to meld with her. A bit formulaic, but not bad at all.