Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita  - Ruth Downie Enjoyed this; the setting in Roman Britain is one I haven't read a lot in, and the plot and characters are competently dealt with. Not having read the first in the series, I scrabbled a bit at the beginning to get a handle on who was who, especially since there was a divided POV over the first few chapters. Once settled in, though, I followed doctor Ruso's rather hapless attempts at investigation, and his evolving relationship with his anything-but-submissive slave Tilla, with reasonable interest. Not sure I got any real sense of place, but the material culture was obviously well researched, and presented without pomposity. There was plenty of mild humour, and a slightly unexpected bit of pathos in the person of the dying, apparently mad, doctor Thessalus and his relationship with the Jewish herb woman. I would read more in this series.