Mercy Falls (Cork O'Connor, #5)

Mercy Falls (Cork O'Connor, #5) - William Kent Krueger OK, I'm shallow - I bought this novel (and the two following it in the series) based on the striking covers. Once I got past a mild disappointment that the three books were not in fact, as I had misapprehended, set in Canada, I settled in and enjoyed this book quite a bit. Found it a little choppy in style for my tastes at the beginning, but I soon got past that, and by the end I was turning pages like nobody's business. Will not spoil the plot for anyone else, other than to say that I'm glad I have the next one in hand, because while the "whodunit" is resolved by the end, the fallout for the detective and his family is anything but.

If you can slow down enough to appreciate it, Krueger has a real knack for description of the natural landscape.