Copper River (Cork O'Connor, #6)

Copper River (Cork O'Connor, #6) - William Kent Krueger Enjoyed this one quite a bit too - but was very glad I'd read Mercy Falls first, because even with the rather obvious insertion of a couple of pages of summary near the beginning, the last chapter would have seemed exceedingly weird and baffling had I not.

That said, I did enjoy, once again, the characters, the natural description, and the speedy pacing of this novel. Just to jog memory without actually writing down spoilers, this novel is mostly about young people, one of whom (Ren) is Native, and another (Charlie) is a tomboy with a difficult home life. Krueger's clearly very fond of his female ex-FBI agent, Dina, but her superwoman aspects were just on the edge of being grating occasionally. His folksy-but-smart family man hero, Cork O'Connor, is given a bit of opportunity for heroics too, riding around with a bullet-wounded leg on unsuitable vehicles.