Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Diana Gabaldon I dropped away from Diana Gabaldon's main (hetero) romance series after the second or third book, mostly because het romance isn't my thing, and possibly because she shifted the locale to the Americas, while my own initial interest was because of the Scottish setting. ("Outlander", the first book, owes a certain amount to an old favourite of mine, "The Flight of the Heron", though they are certainly very different in tone, detail and degree of graphic sex!)

Anyway, Lord John, a minor character in the het series, appears to be getting his own set of adventures; I enjoyed the first one, though it was short and fairly light. This one is much more substantial and really well done. The fine points of drawing room and battlefield ring true. I won't give away details of the plot so as not to spoil anyone, but if you read it, prepare to come up solidly against the harsh reality of 18th-century treatment of man-loving men. And also prepare to see our beloved Jamie Fraser utter some fairly virulent homophobic sentiments, in the true spirit of his time. (It's just as well I had the memory of a Fraser/Lord John sequence in one of the other books - Voyager? - where Jamie "gets over it" to the point of giving Lord John a wee kiss, to sustain me.)

I have the next in the series on my shelf. Looking forward to it!