T is for Trespass

T is for Trespass - Sue Grafton I've only dipped into Sue Grafton's alphabet series, and have never been very taken with her P.I. Kinsey Millhone, who is just a little too flip - and a little too lucky - for my tastes. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the working out of the two separate cases Millhone was working on, which seemed to add a nice touch of realism, and I also enjoyed the eighties setting. This particular novel revolves around identity theft, abuse of elderly people, and insurance fraud, so it's not what you'd call an upbeat story; I found the double-barrelled violent ending to be not so much shocking as suddenly unrealistic in the context of the carefully established humdrum nature of Kinsey's work, which involves a lot of hunting through paperwork, etc. But hey, it's set in LA, so what do I know. The writing's not bad; I actually preferred the third-person segments that detailed the actions of the nefarious Selina Rogas, where I didn't have to suppress my mild distaste for Millhone.