Mr. Rowl.

Mr. Rowl. - D.K. Broster [These comments were made in 1983:]. Memories of Edinburgh, and the night I couldn't put this down until it was finished. Once again I looked at my watch as I finished the last page and saw to my horror and amusement that it was 3 a.m. The central motifs of this one are much like those of Heron - ennobling love of man for woman, and ennobling love of man for man. Honour with capital H is the binding thread of all the "good" characters in the novel. But the central male pair are more father-son than brother-brother. Broster has a curious view of the French character: she sees it as outrageously handsome, sparkling and soft in the middle! Oh I do love to wallow in a well-handled novel of sentiment!