Bad Boy

Bad Boy - Peter Robinson This came to me with a less than enthralled review from my sister, and it's true it's a bit more hard-edged and depressive than we're used to from Banks' world (though Lord knows it's never been Pollyanna). Still I enjoyed the unfolding of the story - ah me, more criminal corporate greed ruining the world for everybody - and the involvement of Banks' daughter Tracy gave it a little extra interest in my view. Robinson raises interesting questions about the reasonable limits of the use of force by police, and how that's handled in Britain; he sets up a question in the person of a subsidiary character, a female cop, with an unrequited passion for Annie, as to whether taking matters into your own hands for arguably the wrong reasons can be justified by the entirely desirable end (Banks and Tracy survive because of it). I like the fact that Robinson took his time to unwind the consequences of his characters' actions, and showed us the father-daughter heart-to-heart, and a bit of the hearings after the rather messy climax. Would that police TV would do us the same courtesy!