The Trap

The Trap - Dorothy M. Richardson The "novels" grow shorter, and I believe this is the last one to have been separately published. In this segment, Miriam moves to an apartment, sharing it with one Miss Holland, whose first name we do not learn until the very last pages; that is in fact a fairly clever way to convey Miriam's distant and somewhat troubled relationship with her room-mate. The other major player in this segment is a women's club where Miriam and Miss Holland are both members, and where Miriam eventually brings together a small dinner-party uniting people from various parts of her life: the socialist couple the Taylors, Michael Shatov, and Dr. Densley (who first appeared in connection with the Miss Dear, as her attending physician, and appear now to be pushing himself upon 28-year-old Miriam's attention as a candidate for marriage).

The trap is, it turns out, the new apartment, from which she is vowing to escape by the end: we do get some fairly solid reasons, including nasty bugs on the bed, noise from outside, noise and emotional upsets from the tenants downstairs, and a separation only by curtain from Miss Selina Holland with whom Miriam is unable in the end to find enough common ground to make their relationship an easy one.

There are many reflections on the Lycurgans (the socialist group) and their modes of thinking; Miriam herself now finds it easier to conduct her conversation in polite, unfelt formulas. To me, that actually seems as if she's growing up but, of course, from her point of view it's a bit of a disaster.