Gods Behaving Badly: A Novel

Gods Behaving Badly: A Novel - Marie Phillips This light novel, based on the conceit that the Greek gods are alive and living in squalor in London, losing their power, was good for quite a number of chuckles, but not for outright guffaws. The gods themselves were about as difficult to like as their originals, so that was OK; the human protagonists had characters a bit more sympathetic, but Neil and Alice's Orpheus/Eurydice-esque journey to the Underworld somehow lacked any sort of mythic solidity, despite the fact that it was so obviously rooted in myth. And the ending, having the world start believing in the old gods again, undercut the whole premise of the book, though really I suppose one shouldn't take it so seriously. Anyway, I enjoyed the ingenuity of the matching of the gods' mythic traits to their current-day occupations and actions, and it passed the time sufficiently on the subway, so it gets its three stars.