The Spell Sword (Darkover, #11)

The Spell Sword (Darkover, #11) - Marion Zimmer Bradley,  Richard Hescox [These notes were made in 1984:]. A nice little adventure story in the old Earthman meets alien culture mode - except that Andrew learns to fit in quite a bit faster than most Terrans, and Damon quickly takes over principal interest (Bradley seems to like these two-hero novels). One curiosity about this book is that Callista, the love interest, does not appear in her own proper person until near the end of the book. The rest of the time she is a presence in telepathic contact with Andrew, who is, for some reason, the only one she can contact. Damon consents to be "possessed" by Lord Esteban, who was a skilled swordsman, but is now paralysed. Damon's struggle is with his own self-image as a coward - and when he is finally left unaided against his enemy the Great Cat, he proves himself. Enjoyed it.