Killing Time (Star Trek, No 24)

Killing Time (Star Trek, No 24) - Della Van Hise [These notes were made in 1988:]. Now why does Ms. Van Hise's name sound so gosh-darn familiar? I have the feeling that she has written far more inflammatory stuff than this mild and rather interesting tale of time-travel/alternate universe. Because of time-tampering by the Romulans, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves haunted by dreams (shades of Strangers From the Sky) and then slip into an entirely different universe where Spock commands the ship and Kirk is a lowly and embittered ensign. Introduction of the first K/S element: Kirk out of power, under the command of Spock. (O implacable females!) However, even in this strange universe, the two of them recognize each other in some strange way, and confirm the "real story" through mindlink. Introduction of the second K/S element: telepathy as symbol of sexual conjunction. Together, they restore the original version of history, and fade unselfishly into oblivion (mindlinked of course) so that their alternate selves and the universe generally may continue to exist. Third K/S element: cosmological importance of K/S relationship. Then of course there is the constant dwelling upon the emotional state of the two men, and the introduction of the lady Romulan commander, who seems to hold some great fascination for the K/S crowd (vid. Marshak and Culbreath). The time-shift brings "pon farr" on for Spock (rather gratuitously, I thought) and he - or rather his alternate self - actually sleeps with the lady commander to get rid of it. There are two "new" characters: Richardson, who fills a sort of "buddy" role for Kirk (the ensign) in exile, and S'Parva, a telepathic canine-girl whose chief functions in the book seem to be 1) to illustrate Richardson's Romeo tendencies (incidentally Richardson calls Kirk "Juliet"!) and to push Spock telepathically into dealing with his "pon farr." Did you like it, miss? Oh come on, give me a break - of course I liked it!