How Much for Just the Planet? (Star Trek, No 36)

How Much for Just the Planet? (Star Trek, No 36) - John M. Ford [These notes were made in 1987:]. Frankly, not one of my favourites. Based on a personal whimsy, in fact, which I don't share. Ford has transported the principals of the Enterprise, with a few made-up extras, plus an equal number of Klingons, onto a planet where no matter how they try to resolve situations they end up in slapstick comedy situations. It eventually comes out that this is by design of the local inhabitants, who do not wish either the Federation or the Klingons to have total control of the large dilithium deposits on the planet. This is all, however, very secondary to what obviously gave the author great glee -- namely, writing up the "situations" themselves. Alas, he does not have the comic gifts of his originals (everyone from Shakespeare to W.C. Fields). And the characterizations suffer more than a little violence along the way. So I'm afraid I was more bored than anything else.