Dorothy and Agatha

Dorothy and Agatha - Gaylord Larsen [These notes were made in 1992:]. This is a detective novel which has as its protagonists Agatha Christie & Dorothy L. Sayers. The writing is clever but not overly stylish or heartfelt. Nor is there a really striking amount of psychological insight into either of the characters, though Larsen has clearly read the standard biographies, and imagined how the two would react to each other. Dorothy therefore starts out despising Agatha as a lightweight and ends up respecting her powers of logic. The plot revolves around an incident in the war in which Dorothy's unsatisfactory husband was involved (the incident is fictional, surely), and he becomes the suspect in the deaths of a number of other men involved in that incident. Working together, Dorothy & Agatha track down the real culprit. As literary nutrition, this is a "lite bite", but it was tasty enough.