The Adventures of God in His Search for the Black Girl

The Adventures of God in His Search for the Black Girl - Brigid Brophy The title-piece takes up approximately the last half of this volume, and is far the most interesting thing in it. But in the "fables" which precede it, some only a line or two long, there is much wit and lots of fun for the literary enthusiast. Brophy positively revels in allusiveness (the title is a reference to Shaw), and some of the most enjoyable pieces are take-offs of forms like the Christie detective-novel or the Galsworthy 'saga.' The main piece is, literally, a ramble through a metaphysical wonderland, whose only fictional character is God! Brophy has a wonderfully polemical time with politics, religion and even literary criticism, and, however much one may disagree with her views on a subject, one cannot help admiring the vigour and inventiveness with which she puts forth those views. She is a master of the clever insinuation and of the art of slipping the crucial point by you as a premise in the argument! I find her irreverence refreshing rather than offensive, and her commitment to particular points of view - atheism, humanism, vegetariansim - worthy of respect. [These notes made in 1984:]