Friend Of The Devil

Friend Of The Devil - Peter Robinson A minor spoiler only - nothing you won't learn within the first couple of chapters.

I enjoyed this Inspector Banks novel very much - but then, you can pretty much always count on Peter Robinson. This one had a twist that I most certainly did not see coming, most likely because the secondary police characters are always well-characterized in Robinson's books anyway.

For the sake of keeping stories straight (inveterate readers of detective fiction will relate), this is the one where the female half of a rape-torture-murder couple is herself murdered. For any Canadian, the echoes of Bernardo/Homolka are hard to miss, even though the fates of the two couldn't be more different from reality. The story taps into a not-so-subliminal dislike/distaste/hatred for those two which makes its theme of the necessary defence and due process even for the most revolting human beings (a theme that runs through the whole book) more telling.