Exit Music

Exit Music - Ian Rankin I always feel when I read Rankin that I'm being allowed a glimpse (albeit a seamy one) into the life of a city I might have spent the rest of my life in, if things had been just slightly different. And then there's Rebus, whose jaundiced view of things fits all too well with my own thoughts at the moment. I can't begin to think this is the last in the Rebus books; it looks to me like he's just being set up to have a bit more independence of action.

Anyway, I scarfed this down in about two days, which for me is an extremely quick read these days, and thoroughly enjoyed it. In particular, I enjoyed the Holmes-and-Moriarty aspect of Rebus' relationship with Cafferty, and the way that relationship was brought out not just in the personal interactions but in the way it warped Rebus' attack on the case.

I also very much enjoy the depiction of Rebus' strong and entirely unsentimental friendship with Siobhan Clarke - how rare is that, an unromantic friendship between a man and a woman in popular fiction?

Topical as ever, this one makes passing reference to the poisoning of the Russian in London a couple of years back. Glad I took the time.