To Green Angel Tower, Part 2

To Green Angel Tower, Part 2 - Tad Williams This final volume (or semi-volume if you prefer) gets an extra one of my stingy stars because the way it wrapped up the various threads of the saga really pleased me. In particular, the metaphysical conclusion was simple and comprehensible. The three swords that the various groups of characters have striven to bring together are in fact the "false messenger" warned of throughout the trilogy. Their power, brought together - in the hands of their three bearers, Elias, Sir Camaris, and Simon (whose genealogy fortunately turns out to be rather splendid) - opens up the possibility of time travel for the mad undead Ineluki, so he can take possession of Elias. However, Simon figures out that hate is the motivating power of the swords, and exerting himself to pity and forgiveness reduces the power of his sword (Bright-Nail); Sir Camaris, the reluctant warrior, also finds forgiveness in himself and reduces Thorn's power; that leaves Elias, who has just - halfway to becoming Ineluki - completely destroyed the mad/bad priest Pryrates. Elias is irredeemable, though he has a brief moment of communication with his daughter Miriamele; she mercifully puts him out of his misery with a white Sithi arrow, and Ineluki's bid for renewed life is denied. Meanwhile, outside, everything falls down and generally turns into chaos, and there's a lot of barely-surviving.

I was quite caught up in it, and think I will recommend this sequence (I really can't call it a trilogy) to any fantasy-reading friends who have not yet discovered it.