The Little Sister

The Little Sister - Raymond Chandler Everybody knows Phillip Marlowe's voice, even those of us who have never knowingly cracked the covers of a Chandler thriller. But it's nice to get the full effect first-hand, and I enjoyed this trip through the dour world of studio-era Hollywood through the eyes of a disenchanted and cynical observer.

I must admit that I took the lazy way out and stopped trying to make sense of the complicated plot, preferring to float along the surface of the wondrously surprising and often funny description, full of metaphor and simile (so often parodied), knowing that all would eventually be explained.

Marlowe dislikes and distrusts women (don't know if that was true of his creator or not); the deepest characterization you get of any of them is where one stereotype is being used to disguise another. The men, however, are no deeper, so feminist indignation is futile - realistic characterization is not the point. This is realistic characterization from the point of view of a misanthropist - everyone's a type, and no-one's type is admirable.

Enjoyed this.